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Tech Talent Trouble?

The high competition for tech-talent means that building a development team can be difficult and expensive. Even if you can source the necessary skills, creating a high performing team takes time and doesn’t always happen.

Traditional outsourcing models only make matters worse, with unaligned ways of working and conflicting commercial goals making real collaboration near impossible. The further you look across the globe for a solution, the bigger the challenge.

UK skills deficit

Costly UK resource

Underperforming teams 

Loss of agility 

Loss of customer focus

Risk of knowledge loss 

Culture gaps  

Collaboration failure

Communication breakdown 




We build elite, distributed teams from scratch around your unique organisational requirements. We take you through the entire journey from hiring, building culture, assigning tools and technology and designing ways of working that are right for you. Above all, we support newly formed teams to be brilliant in ways that traditional outsourcing has yet to consider.


We teamed up with 30 organisations to explore the problems faced in distributed development and propose innovative solutions.  We'd like to share the results:  

Award winning global integration programme

Development organisation 

health & readiness check

World-class team coaching 

based on agile principles

Inspirational campaigns for accessing global talent

Cutting edge

collaboration tools

High performing global teams

Business case creation and ROI reporting

Unified team culture based 

on trust and common goals

Features & Benefits

Awarded Best Contribution to the Reputation of Outsourcing 2015, our team integration programme moves the needle on distributed performance.

Award Winning Integration

We coach agile teams across geographies to adopt ways of working that are right for them…and we don’t stop until it works.

World Class Coaching

Once we have comprehensively mapped your technical needs and understood the target ‘team fit’, our creative recruitment campaigns allow you to handpick the very best from global geographies.  Representing your brand from the outset, our approach drives excitement, commitment and candidate quality like never before. 

Innovative recruitment campaigns that send the right message

VR & AR for Global Collaboration

Our VR/AR agenda for distributed dev teams is bleeding edge. Join your colleagues holographically in mixed reality for productive sessions that would make the Jedi Council jealous.

Download our VR/AR Collaboration report; a look at what's possible now, and what's coming in the future. 

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“Would I recommend this approach to other companies? Absolutely yes. The model allows for real agile development in global teams. It’s the way the outsourcing industry has to go, and no doubt will do.”

Head of Applications Development, OLM Systems

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