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Devices are the tangible junction where digital meets the physical. They interface, relay and store data allowing us, other machines (and even RFID chipped animals) to interact with the digital world. Devices accelerate digital evolution, receiving and producing sensory information (i.e. fitness trackers, audio earphones), aiding technological development (i.e. 3D Printing, Industrial Robotics ) and allowing us to access extra-sensory information (GPS displays) and an almost superhuman lifestyle on demand (i.e. Autonomous Vehicles, NanoTech Pacemakers). Here are some examples of the work we do with Devices...

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly and with it the need for software. Smart apps, wearable tech, drones, automotive telemetry, smart meters... as a number of connected devices grows, so does the need for secure, reliable, innovative software to support it. Through IoT, ProArch supports companies to achieve greater flexibility to accommodate better management of assets and operations, greater reliability, enhanced security, better customer service, and enablement of new business models and services. With over a decade working in the energy sector, we have a unique insight on the internet of things and both the technological challenges, and solutions it can bring to business.

Virtual & Holographic Devices

HoloLens, Microsoft's Mixed Reality headset, brought with it a whole new way of interacting with the digital world while Virtual Reality hits the mainstream, offering fully immersive experiences. Overlaying reality with interactive 3D holograms and building new virtual tools and environments has opened up an exciting new area of research and development for us. Our Virtual & Holographic programme is preparing for launch and will offer hands-on tech demo and innovation workshops, product development, consultation and more.