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We know that true digital transformation, whether in taking the first steps to the cloud or looking to digitize your production line with VR process visualisation, begins with people. As tech and society evolve, so must the way we work, interact and engage with people in order to stay ahead of the curve. We've examined most of the areas taken for granted by organisations in the past and reimagined them for the digital age. We've won awards for our contribution to the world of outsourcing, written whitepapers on next generation models for partnerships and established programmes to enable tech startups to access development, mentorship and financial options. We also care about the global community. Reflected in our approach to sustainable solutions, the awards we have won in CSR and our Yashoda Foundation project, we look to deliver where it matters.

Our consulting services help you realise value from technology. We help you transform your innovation performance for long-term success by combining our tech knowledge with expertise in strategy creation, product and technology development processes, and organisational development.
From design to implementation to support, we manage the entire transformation and ongoing support services associated with Microsoft products. As a top Managed Partner, we sit in the top 2% of partners globally helping large organizations manage their cloud and hybrid environments.
Our end-to-end digital transformation eco-system brings together best of breed partners who think, feel and operate as on. From brand strategy and experience design, to product development and deployment, we build the ecoystem that best suits your requirements, so you don't have to.
The market for highly qualified IT candidates is competitive. Leveraging our ‘local’ and global resource pool, our IT resourcing team can help you find the right IT professionals, whether you need them for just a few hours, a couple of months, or for the long term.
Outsourcing is no longer a dirty word. Done correctly, it can play a major part in improving your I.T strategy. With over ten years experience in outsourcing I.T projects, we've collected awards with major organisations for improving the reputation of outsourcing through best practice.
ProArch works with disruptive tech startups bring their ideas to market. We boost the entire process wherever you may be in the cycle, from Angel and seed funding to product strategy, build and market launch. We support you to develop innovative digital products and our terms are sensitive to startup budget constraints.
We have completely reimagined the way agile teams are recruited, on-boarded, integrated with your people, managed, measured, inspired and retained. The result? Our case studies show that it is possible to establish globally distributed agile teams that outperform co-located teams, with exceptional results on the end product.

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