ProArch create brilliant teams, but you knew that already because you’ve read our last blog.

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Now everyone is all caught up, let’s talk about how to create a modern software development organisation.

There are two major problems to overcome before a software development organisation will start to purr like a finely tuned machine. The first is making the actual act of software development seamless. The second is to cultivate a team culture that promotes innovation, collaboration and success.

Seamless Development

Creating something that appears smooth and almost frictionless takes deep understanding of the problems faced plus technical expertise and a healthy dose of creativity. TeamX by ProArch puts a large emphasis on the importance of adept, modern, ‘project managers’ – whether they be called Tech PMs, Tech Leads or Scrum Masters. A talented, modern project manager will be able to support the software developers to be brilliant, by ensuring they’re maximising their skills and have a clear understanding of why their role is vital. In a perfect world, project managers are always direct and experienced employees of the company, ensuing they have an intimate, organic understanding of a company’s business needs as well as technical needs. However, ProArch is always happy to provide!   

Beyond a good project manager there are some simple steps that can be taken to make the development experience frictionless, most especially understanding the power of Azure PaaS.    

Any good software development organisation needs to get its DevOps environment in order. As the team grows and the product expands, mistakes or sloppiness made in the first few weeks will become magnified exponentially. A good DevOps environments speeds up the development time, ensures efficient working across multiple geographies and increase the volume of development without increasing the number of developers. ProArch believes the simples, easiest way to achieve this with Azure PaaS. Azure PaaS provides all the benefits of cloud infrastructure plus middleware, development and business tools that create that seamless operation everyone desires.   

It is also vital to the team’s success that the team is kitted out with high-quality hardware with a clear and limited set of tools. There are two reasons for this, first, by ensuring things are easy and pleasurable to use, friction is reduced. When friction is reduced so is frustration, increasing productivity and team happiness! Happy, productive employees are innovative employees. Furthermore, without a plethora of redundant tools clogging up laptop space, less time is wasted on trying to master new programs or proselytize pet tools.


Cultivate Team Culture 

It is often assumed that culture is a nebulous term for an organic process, or worse, some HR-speak to justify facile activities that eat into productive working hours. As usual with gut responses, there is an element of truth to both criticisms, but investing in cultivating a strong team culture can create a happier more productive organisation.   

Like many great business innovations, it is true that ‘culture’ has become a buzzword. However, at ProArch we have learnt, often the hard way, that successful teams are born out of genuine investment in a strong employee engagement agenda, supported by coaching to break down barriers in the team. These programs ensure that different cultures understand the effects of the subtle, unconscious biases present in themselves and their colleagues.  This is why we encourage every client of ours to sign up to our ‘Coaching for Brilliance’.    

It might be tempting to read this blog as a list of options, all of which will add to and improve a development organisation. In a limited way that is true. A talented project manager is always a good investment and so is a well-managed DevOps environment or engaging your employees. However, to believe that is to miss the ‘secret sauce’ of TeamX. Building a talented, engaged and well-supplied team that is run well, with a powerful but limited set of tools is the only sure-fire a successful modern software development organisation. That is not a one-off checklist but a constant effort.  



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