Our Emerging Tech Eco-System

Few things are more exciting (for us!) than shiny new gizmos harnessing the latest in technological advancement. We’re blessed to be part of Microsoft’s Hololens agenda, astounded by the infinite possibilities that machine learning bring to the world of business and vehemently endeavouring to keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest tech, software and research that will propel us and our customers through 2017. But we’re in good company. Our unique way of partnering with companies has held some great results. In the words of Jason Barrett, ProArch’s Vice President of Business Development – “We’re not about white labelling other’s capability as our own, we’re about expanding our ecosystem and nurturing great transparent relationships to stimulate growth, and deliver customer delight rather than client frustration.”


So how are we doing so far?

Choosing the right people to work with is difficult when partnering. Potential ecosystem buddies must share the same values, drive and business objectives for a start. But there’s more to it than that…

Jason puts it like this, “For companies to work together successfully there are three major barriers to overcome. They must trust one another to deliver, they must share the desire for similar outcomes and they must communicate well. Finding such a match can be difficult with forward thinking organisations and building an eco-system on these principles has been challenging, but profoundly rewarding!”. But as well as building our partner eco-system, we’ve also been busy building our internal capabilities and developing our own products to strengthen our core offering…


Creating World Class Partnerships – Virtual, Mixed & Augmented Reality

Our new ProArch Interactive programme sees our US, UK & Indian teams come together along with partners such as Spearhead Interactive to provide an innovative programme around VR/AR/MR to improve business. Typically, most of the work with these technologies has been aimed at delivering experiential products and services with a limited shelf-life. ProArch Interactive’s eco-system allows us to create more meaningful applications in this space, and with the help of Spearhead, build in functionality such as process visualisation and training assistance. ProArch’s programming powerhouse augments around these adding capabilities such as integration, testing, security and cloud providing a platform to deliver groundbreaking solutions using these new immersive technologies. Our work with Microsoft on their Hololens product along with our Rest Azured programme allow us to offer an end-to-end solution for business which truly is unique in the market.


Building Internal Capability – Artifical Intelligence

To expand ProArch’s capability in emerging tech, we have strengthened our internal capabilities with the development of a Data Science Centre of Excellence, leveraging talent in the field of Big Data, Machine Learning, NLP and Analytics. Kicking off with a greenfield AI project, the team brings together the latest in data science talent, innovative ideas and global collaboration. Expect to hear a lot more about AI from ProArch throughout 2017.


Creating Internal Products – Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a buzzword right now and ProArch has taken steps towards helping organisations save money and time automating those laborious processes which can weigh down a business. We’re looking to help businesses become lean and efficient using technology and our ProPassReset software represents the first steps for us in this direction.


The Path Ahead

As we build out our ecosystem along with our core talent in these exciting new fields, we are able to offer our clients new ways to improve their business, save money, innovate and digital transform their respective functions.
If you’re looking into virtual reality, Hololens or even haptic technologies to offer fully immersive environments, ProArch, along with our emerging technology ecosystem can help. If you need to visualise your data, gain deeper data-driven insights into business problems or would like to automate your supply chain through cognitive technologies, we can help you no matter where you are on your digital journey. Get in touch with us today to start the conversation!


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